In physics, the word "Reflect" means to return light, heat, sound or an elastic body by opposing a smooth surface, and at the same time it comes from the Latin "reflectere" which means to deflect or to go backwards. 


Reflek-ttar is a series that combines two medium format cameras: Reflekta II and Zeiss Ikon Nettar.


With this series, you are pulled back in time. To the memory. To that place where the breeze of the forest surrounds you with the sound of the leaves. To the heat of a flame that burns while its ashes fly on the head of some passer-by who walks at midnight through the streets of a big city. To that light that is turned on just to show you its double in the mirror of a dark dining room, in a house, in some neighborhood of Buenos Aires... or to never forget that spring which would later become the coldest summer of all.


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